Jan 2018 Jennifer Mayrhofer appointed as Chief Project Manager (CPO)
Dec 2017 Revenues reach 4.7 million € (Export quote: 83%)
Dec 2017 In 2017, VelaLabs invested nearly 1,000,000 € to enhance its instrumental park
and furthermore to offer new services for structural characterization and determination
of extractables and leachables (SCIEX Triple TOF 6600, Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC,
Agilent 7100 CE, Agilent MSD, FACS MACSQuant)
Feb 2017 Closing of Tentamus incorporation
Dec 2016 Revenues reach 4.0 million € (Export quote: 90%)
Dec 2016 VelaLabs acquires a second Biacore T200
Dec 2016 DI (FH) Markus Roucka appointed as COO
Sep 2016 Celebration of 10 years VelaLabs
Jul 2016 AGES inspection and GMP certificate
May 2016 Acquisition of VelaLabs by Tentamus group
Dec 2015 New lab instruments acquired to enhance state-of-the-art analytics
(SparkM10 Analyzer, BiacoreT200, Dionex UHPLC, Glycostation Reader)
Aug 2015 Successful US-FDA audit with focus on clinical development and bioanalytics
Jul 2014 EMA – first Biosimilar batch release testing for the European market
(Accofiland Gastrofil, i. e. biosimilars of Filgrastim) was performed in June 2014.
Up-to-date (Dec2016) more than 150 batches released by the
Qualified Person, Klaus Hajszan
Apr 2013 VelaLabs is one of the first Austrian companies compensated by an research grant of the FFG
Dec 2012 Vela sales reach € 3 million € (Export quote 88%)
Nov 2012 New clients form Poland, Russia and Sweden
May 2012 DI (FH) Klaus Hajszan appointed as Qualified Person
Feb 2012 Turkish and Spanish customers acquired for analytical service business
Dec 2011 Vela sales reach € 2.5 million € (Export quote: 83%)
Oct 2011 Celebration: VelaLabs - 5 years on its way
Sep 2011 VelaLabs increases the shareholder’s capital up to € 120,000
Jun 2011 Collaboration with Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH (FFG-project):
“KONMODI – Aufbau Kompetenznetzwerk Onkologische Molekulardiagnostik zur
personalisierten Therapie – Test von KRAS2 + BRAF Mutationen”
Apr 2011 Signature of business collaboration agreement with Protagen AG, Germany
Dec 2010 Vela sales reach € 1.9 million € (Export quote: 79%)
Sep 2010 Renewal of GMP certificate of AGES Austria (valid until June 2013)
Apr 2010 Signature of collaboration contract with NBS-C BioScience GmbH, Austria
Dec 2009 VelaLabs sales gain  1.0 million € (Export quote: 65%)
Sep 2009 Launch of marketing initiative focusing on cellular bioassays
Jun 2009 Dr. Kricek joins VelaLabs's Scientific Advisory Board
Mar 2009 First Indian customer acquired for analytical service business
Dec 2008 VelaLabs sales gain 0.5 million € (Export quote: 55%)
Nov 2008 First prize ZIT call "CoOperate Enlarged"
Jul 2008 First Canadian customer acquired for analytical service business
Dec 2007 Closing 3rd round atypical investors
Nov 2007 GMP certificate for VelaLabs by AGES/PharmMed Austria
Sep 2007

Expansion of office space
Signing of co-development contract with
Greenovation, Germany
Closing 2nd round atypical investors

Jun 2007 Closing 1st round atypical investors
Apr 2007 Signature of a lease contract for analytical laboratories with ImmoRent / Arealis
First customer acquired for analytical service business
Feb 2007 Approval of ZIT / LISA project grant `Innovations - Support´
Jan 2007 Confirmation of the asset deal (infrastructure and projects) by court of law
Binding LOI from Greenovation, Germany for project co-development
Dec 2006 Successful bid for Igeneon infrastructure and lab equipment
Nov 2006 Approval of AWS Seed Financing loan
Approval of ZIT / LISA grants for R&D projects
Oct 2006 Founding of VelaLabs, appointment of Dr. Markus Fido as Managing Director (CEO)