VelaLabs is located in Vienna and has been founded by Dr. Markus Fido and Dr. Andreas Nechansky. Both previously had key biotechnology and pharma positions. The team was completed by Mag. Armin Franz who was responsible for financial and tax consulting aspects.

The expertise of the founders covered the core business of VelaLabs, i.e. Analytical Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Qualification and Validation, Business Development, Research and Development, Project Management and Intellectual Property as well as additional expertise including Controlling, Tax and financial aspects. 

In May 2016, VelaLabs was incorporated into the Tentamus group, which is a leading service provider for high quality analytics in a variety of business areas. 

After this transaction, Dr. Markus Fido took over the position of CEO.

The founders of VelaLabs: A. Nechansky, M. Fido, A. Franz (from left to right)