Customized Bioassays

VelaLabs has the technological resources and experience to custom design the optimal bioassay for your product. The company has repeatedly proven to be able to solve specific challenges of assay developments in a large number of clinical indications and types of biological products.


One recent typical example for a specifically developed assay is a cell based potency assay for parathyroid hormone (PTH), teriparatide and analogous peptides. PTH is used for the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal woman and increases bone mineral density. VelaLabs has developed an assay based on UMR-106 cells (a rat osteosarcoma cell line), which are sensitive to PTH (1-84), teriparatide (1-34) or analogous peptides. Treatment of the cells leads to a dose-dependent increase in cellular cAMP levels. The cAMP concentration is measured on an electro-chemiluminescent platform (MSD) and potency is evaluated in a 4-PL model. The assay can be applied for any peptides that bind to the PTH1R.